Citizens in remote villages have the power to impact the world

How many people own a mobile phone in your village, work place, city or neighborhood? Probably more than 60%; Last week I had a chance to be part of the Global Voices Citizens Media Summit in Nairobi. I was fascinated by the amazing stories of brave citizens from various parts of the world who have said enough is enough and stood up for what they believe in. By simply sending text messages or interacting on various social media platforms, citizens like you and me have changed governments in North Africa, fueled policy reforms in dictatorial states and changed lives of poor people in places as remote as Kibera.

Well I have shared below a few links covering some of these local citizen media stories and I hope as you go through them you can find ideas to contribute to the question: What can be done to connect local citizen movements?

Wakibu Bunnya at Global Voices Citizen Media Summit in Nairobi



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